Awning Companies in Miami Can Improve Your Home

It’s a hot summer day, just like most in Miami. You’ve done everything you can think of to stay cool, but it’s just not getting any better. You simply can’t afford the energy bill it would require to keep the air conditioning running continuously. Even if you did run the air conditioner all day and all night, you’d still be too hot.

So what can you do? Move to a cooler climate? Purchase a larger air conditioner? You could do those things, of course, but instead, you might try purchasing a cover for your porch.

Awnings can improve your home in more ways than you might think.

Cooling Costs

The anecdote above isn’t made up. Rather, it’s something that Floridians struggle with every year. It’s an unfortunate side effect of living in this tropical region. Even if you did run the air conditioner constantly, you’d still have the hot sun searing through your windows.

That’s where awning companies might be able to help you out.

A study that was conducted in fifty cities throughout the United States found that a fabric awning or exterior shade could reduce cooling costs by fifty percent.

That’s a huge savings. improve your home in more ways

How does it work? It varies in its effectiveness based on a number of factors which include construction materials used in the home, along with location, size, and direction of the awning. Essentially, though, the awning does much to prevent the sun’s rays from ever entering into your home.

Have you ever opened your car door in the summer and found it to be even hotter inside the vehicle than it was outside? Those are the forces that you’re working against and most blinds won’t do a great job of preventing that from happening.

Square Footage

Besides making the interior space of your home more comfortable, an awning can quickly expand the livable space to the outdoors.

Awning companies can help provide you with an outdoor space to enjoy a nice meal with your family, or finally host that barbecue that you’ve been putting off. Now, with a dedicated outdoor space that’s also protected from the hot sun, you can enjoy more of the space your home offers.


Cases of skin cancer are on the rise. Because of pollution, a deteriorating ozone is a threat to all of us. Our windows and window coverings don’t do anywhere near enough to prevent harmful UV rays from penetrating into our homes.

Awning companies in Miami do offer awnings made of materials that do protect your home and your family from this harmful ultraviolet light, however.

Beyond protecting you, your family, and your pets from these carcinogens, the shade provided by an awning also protects your investment. It can help preserve the paint on the exterior of your home, as well as protect your carpets and furniture on the inside.

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