Avoid These Mistakes or You’ll Need Manual Transmission Repair in GR

Those who drive vehicles with manual transmissions know that clutch replacement can be expensive. The way one drives can significantly affect the longevity of the clutch, and because Manual Transmission Repair in GR can cost more than $1000, it pays to keep the clutch in good shape. Click here for some tips on keeping a vehicle’s clutch in working order.

Don’t Keep a Foot on the Clutch Pedal

The first rule of extended clutch life is also the simplest: Don’t keep a foot on the clutch. The pedal should be all the way down or all the way up, and nowhere in between. Any other position creates unnecessary wear on a very costly vehicle part.

Don’t Use the Clutch to Prevent a Backward Roll

Drivers shouldn’t use the clutch to keep from rolling backward down an incline. Instead, use the handbrake until the clutch is engaged. From there, shift into gear and rev the engine up to roughly 3000 rpm. Release the clutch slowly, and release the handbrake as the accelerator is applied.

Don’t Speed up to Beat a Stoplight

When a driver sees traffic stopped, they should begin slowing down well in advance. By the time they reach the stoppage, they may not need to stop at all, which allows them to let go of the clutch and avoid unnecessary slippage. Conversely, one shouldn’t rev the engine excessively when pulling away from a stop; a bit above 1000 rpm should be enough.

Don’t Sacrifice the Clutch to Save the Brakes

It’s more expensive to replace a clutch than to replace brake pads. Use the vehicle’s clutch for its intended purposes by matching the engine speed to that of the rear wheels. Raise RPMs gradually by applying the throttle as the clutch is released. By doing so, one can prevent unnecessary wear on the clutch and make transitions smoother. These methods take practice, and should not be done in traffic until the driver is comfortable and experienced in operating a vehicle with a manual transmission.

A manual transmission is designed to provide years of worry-free operation, but only when it is used as intended. By avoiding the mistakes listed here, a driver can prevent unnecessary wear on the clutch. However, if something goes wrong, the team at Bob’s Transmission can provide professional, prompt Manual Transmission Repair in GR.

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