Avoid Roaches, Termites and Other Pests With Expert Pest Control in Puyallup Wa

One of the toughest challenges that any homeowner can face is a pest invasion. Sadly, the treatment for these problems may vary and most readily available pesticides aren’t nearly effective enough to stop them. The solution is simple, contact an expert in Pest Control in Puyallup WA. This way, if pesticide is required, it will be strong enough to eliminate the problem.

Pests come in all types, but one of the most annoying is the cockroach. This little insect can be difficult to eliminate because they tend to hide in areas where the pesticide cannot easily reach. This really makes sense because the cockroach has been around for at least two hundred and eighty million years. That’s one amazing track record. Part of the problem with exterminating this pest is their short life cycle. By the time the adults have been destroyed, the younger ones begin emerging. A weak pesticide cannot prevent this and this is why so many commercial products fail, in spite of the claims on the package.

Another, more serious pest problem is actually a relative of the roach, the termite. Unlike its cousins, the termite lives in a eusocial structure much like the ant. This was one reason the insect was improperly classified for so long. Out of the thousands of termite species around, there are two that need special attention. The Drywood termite presents a problem because this insect lives in the very wood that makes up the building. This makes them detectable because they leave trails in the wood.

The Subterranean termite, on the other hand, lives in the soil, almost completely. In fact, this termite species must create tubules from the soil in order to access many sources of food. This tends to restrict this pest to the lower portions of the building. Subterranean termites can usually be detected by freshly placed tubules. Resolutions to this problem include the use of poisons, baits or tenting and fumigation.

Not all Pest Control in Puyallup Wa is about dealing with insects. Some mammals present a whole other set of problems. Rodents such as mice are a tough challenge because all the homeowner sees is the one or two that are searching for food. The rest of the family is safely hiding in the walls. Eliminating them can be a challenge and may require special baits that get carried back to the nest.

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