Avoid Needing Plumbing Repair Services in Allentown: 4 Things You should Never Flush

There are various items you should not flush down your toilet. Not only can doing so cause major clogs and damage to your piping, but it can cause waste to back up into your home if a clog does occur. Yes, you may have had flushed these items successfully before; however, that is not to say you will not run into problems somewhere down the line. Your sewage pipes are small and larger items, especially ones that do not break down, can snag on your piping and result in a large clog that could require a professional to remove & hellip; consider these four helpful facts to avoid needing plumbing repair services.


Never Flush Floss


Yes, floss. Floss does not break down and can easily snag on one of your pipes after being flushed. Floss may seem so small, and you may think it could never cause a problem, but it can. The floss itself may not cause a clog, but over time, other debris may get caught on the floss and cause a clog.


Never Flush Diapers


It may be hard to believe, but people flush diapers. Diapers expand when they come into contact with moisture. Flushing diapers could result in a major clog somewhere in your sewage lines. It is important that you throw used diapers away instead of flushing them.


Throw Cigarette Butts in the Trash


Cigarette butts are very small, but the filter inside them in made from fiberglass. These filters are not biodegradable and can cause bigger problems down the line. Throw your cigarette butts away instead of flushing them. If you do experience sewage back up, there are various Plumbing Repair Services in Allentown you can contact.


Toilet Bowl Scrub Pads


The toilet bowl cleaning pads you see on television, which they claim can be flushed after use, do not break down when flushed down the toilet. Consider at-home options for cleaning your toilet, such as vinegar or baking soda. Also, these pads can cause major problems for the water treatment plants. If these pads clog your toilet, Plumbing Repair Services in Allentown can have them removed.


In conclusion, while some items might flush easily, they can cause major problems. Never flush these four items mentioned, and you will likely have less sewage clog in your piping. If you need more information, check out this site.






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