Avoid Falling for Repairmen’s Pushy Tactics – Get a Second Opinion

When you look for air conditioning repair Charlotte NC, you must be well aware of the increasing rate of scams that are taking place these days.

To best avoid being a victim of these scams, you need to contact the right service provider. How can I possibly know which service provider is the right service provider, you ask?

Well, it’s not that difficult. Make sure that the repairman for your air conditioning repair is certified. JLK Mechanical stands out among its peers as it has been certified and approved by the regulatory authorities in North Carolina.

Uncertified commercial HVAC repairmen may try to force more money out of your pocket by using pushy tactics.

Pushy and Scary Tactics Forcing You to Do Extra Repairs

Say, your AC is not working because your thermostat was set on low. Even after fixing the thermostat, they will force you into buying a new thermostat saying that this is an old piece and will malfunction tomorrow. The same can be said for the furnace’s burners, which are the most important thing for igniting the fire.

Before agreeing to their scam, which you might not know at that time, get a second opinion from a professional such as JLK Mechanical. No two repairmen are the same. However, a JLK Mechanical repairman will show the problem first and then will let you decide whether you want the repair or not.

If a repairman asks for advance cash up-front, refuse to pay him until he performs the repair. In cases such as these, repairmen do a poor job and expect to be paid in full. You do not realize the problems of their hasty job until the next day, when your AC or furnace fails to start again. Even if they ask for a small advance saying that they need to buy the spare parts, refuse because chances are they are going to buy those parts from a junkyard.

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