Avoid Common Packing Mistakes by Hiring Professional Moving Companies in Tulsa

For most people, the absolute worst part of moving is packing. Having to stuff all of a family’s belongings into countless cardboard boxes is, for many, a task they simply don’t want to tackle. As a result, many people who are moving make some serious packing mistakes, which not only cost them time and money but also their own sanity. While hiring professional moving companies in Tulsa is a smart course of action, there are some other tips that can ensure serious packing mistakes are avoided. These are found here.

Overloading the Boxes

There is a reason that there are specialty book boxes for sale -; this is because books are extremely heavy. If a person puts too many of these items in a large, traditional cardboard box, it is almost guaranteed that moving day is going to be rough. Also, for other heavy items, it is important to take the cumulative weight of the box into account. In some cases, it may be necessary to divide the items into several boxes and fill in the empty spaces with lighter items, such as pillows, towels, etc.

Not Packing Breakable Items Properly

Having to pack fragile items can be extremely stressful, but there are steps that can be taken to mitigate the risk. For example, stand plates on their side, where an impact would be much less likely to cause serious damage. While bubble wrap is a popular material to use for breakable items, a better option is recyclable paper. The goal is to ensure glass is not touching glass and this paper provides this.

Over-Specific Labeling

While there are some things that a person may think need to be disguised, such as an antique coin collection or estate jewelry, using codes or difficult to understand labeling is just going to get confusing. Instead, use a simple labeling method that will ensure every box gets to the proper location.

While the smartest way to reduce the stress of packing is to hire moving companies in Tulsa to handle the job, there are tips that can make it a bit easier. For a homeowner who is planning a move and want to learn more about professional service, they can Contact NAL Moving Service Company. Being informed is the best way to handle the move without a lot of stress.

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