Automobile Repairs in Forest Lake MN are Available for the Ever-Popular Honda Vehicles

Honda is known for having some noteworthy claims to fame in the U.S. automobile market. For instance, it was the first Japanese vehicle manufacturer to build cars in this country. This venture began in 1982 with a factory in Ohio building the Accord model. Automobile repairs in Forest Lake MN for Honda models can be completed by trained mechanics who do excellent work on these popular vehicles.

Expansion of Facilities

Honda had already been assembling motorcycles in the United States for a few years by the time its Accord production began here. Since that time, the company has expanded with an additional eight automotive manufacturing facilities in the United States. Finding a garage that offer Automobile Repairs in Forest Lake MN for Honda models is no problem anymore, since so many U.S. residents drive these vehicles.

American Honda Motor Company

Before this, the corporation was the first to form a subsidiary to sell its products here; the American Honda Motor Company exists to this day. It markets not only Honda but Acura automobiles, along with many other products that have the Honda name. Honda is a highly recognized brand in the motorcycle market in this country and also offers equipment such as all-terrain vehicles, lawnmowers and snow blowers.

The Acura Brand

The Acura brand gives Honda another U.S. “first.” Acura was the first foray into luxury cars in this country by a Japanese manufacturer, beginning in the 1980s. An additional “first”: the Honda Insight was the first gas-electric hybrid in the United States.

Best Sellers

Honda typically has at least two cars in the top 10 best-selling passenger vehicles in this country in lists that include pickup trucks. The CR-V sport utility vehicle and the Accord mid-sized sedan usually are found there. Best-seller lists routinely include the ever-popular Honda Civic, available in couple and sedan models. No matter what kind of Honda or Acura vehicle a person drives, repair work can be completed at a garage such as American Imports. There, automotive technicians work on the most affordable cars as well as high-end luxury brands. Contact us to set an appointment whenever it’s convenient.

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