Auto Glass Services in Newport News, VA- Finding the Best Auto Glass Repair Workshop

The glass on the car’s windshield and window mirrors is tempered and designed to withstand a considerable amount of impact. It’s a double glazed glass consisting of two glass panels with an inert gas in between. That’s one of the reasons why the windshield isn’t as brittle and doesn’t break as easily as conventional glass. However, in the case of a collision, the glass in your car is very likely to shatter or crack. In any case, driving around with a cracked windshield or broken window glasses is not only an unwise idea, but it can also be dangerous. Not only does it pose a security risk, but it also leads to driving concerns.

You need to take your car to a reputable auto glass service provider for repairs or any type of replacement. Most workshops that offer auto body repairs don’t deal with glass work at all. Only reputable workshops such as offer auto glass services in Newport News, VA along with full body repairs.

Find Out About the Quality of Glass

If the original windshield is broken, it’s unlikely that you will find a similar model in the market. There are only a handful of companies that manufacture high quality automobile glass windshields. You should check the thickness of the glass and find out whether it will fit in your car properly or not. Prices start from a few hundred dollars and can go as high as a thousand dollars for an original windshield!

Fitting and Sealing

One of the most crucial auto glass services is the fitting and sealing of the windshield. After purchasing the windshield, it needs to be properly fitted in the gaps, and then must be sealed using a silicone based sealant. The company will also check the windshield to ensure there is no leakage around the sides before handing over possession of the vehicle back to you.

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