Authentic Wholesale Tortillas in New Jersey Still Available

In the late 1960’s there were five Mexican restaurants in New York City. Each one had to make their own tortillas to ensure authenticity. In order to meet the need, a small tortilla manufacturing business opened. Fresh ingredients, traditional methods, and reliable delivery services meant local restaurants could purchase tortillas wholesale. Owners were now free to focus efforts toward developing an exquisite menu, providing amazing dishes to customers, and creating innovative specialties. Those same Wholesale Tortillas in New Jersey are still available on a much grander scale. The factory expanded into a major production facility that makes tortillas with the same authentic ingredients and traditional methods upon which the company was founded.

Instead of just New York and New Jersey, those wholesale tortillas in New Jersey are available in eleven States in the Northeast region. Tortillas are made fresh and delivered as quickly as possible so they arrive in excellent condition. Authentic tomales are also offered. The number of Mexican restaurants grew exponentially increasing the demand for authentic ingredients, such as beans, chorizo, fried and baked chips, salsas, spices, oils, cheeses, fresh produce, and specialty items as well. Everything necessary for restaurant owners to create authentic Mexican dishes is available from the wholesale distributor that also still makes fresh tortillas on the premises.

Equipment and utensils are also offered. Tortilla presses, taco and chimichanga baskets, a variety of bowls and cups, and taco rails can be found among the food and drink items. Jarritos, the first national soft drink of Mexico, is available in eleven flavors, as are bar mixes and concentrates to blend fresh flavored seltzer waters that are a perfect accompaniment to Mexican dishes. Decorations, cleaning supplies, and a wide variety of takeout packaging options are included within the hundreds of items offered. Owners can click here for information regarding products, a complete list of what is available, and ordering information. Recipes, ideas, and suggestions for menu items can also be found. There is a blog, a newsletter, detailed information regarding areas served, as well as a history of the company and the tortillas that provided the foundation for decades of experience.

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