Assessing Your Workplace For Commercial Moving Services In Charlotte, NC

Planning for a workplace, healthcare, agency, organization or office move is never an easy process. The good news is that you don’t have to do it on your own, as there are commercial moving services in Charlotte, NC that provide you with a coordinator to help with all aspects of planning, moving and even setting up your new facility.

However, even before you contact commercial moving services in the city, you can do some advanced planning on your own. This doesn’t have to be detailed or comprehensive, but it will assist you in narrowing down your choices for moving companies and finding one service that can handle every aspect of the move you need them to.

Taking Stock of Assets

All commercial moving services are going to provide a quote based on the contents of the office or workspace that they inventory in their initial survey to prepare the estimate.

It is helpful to you, and to get an accurate estimate, if you identify items that you don’t want to move. This could be old equipment, old furniture or records that may be shredded or destroyed by not part of the move. You can use tape or sticky tags to identify these items clearly, so the estimator knows not to consider them in preparing the estimate.

Additional Services Required

While the professional that coordinates your estimate and your move will talk to you well in advance of the move about the services they provide, it is helpful if you have an idea of what you need from commercial moving services in Charlotte NC at the initial meeting.

Most businesses will want assistance in taking apart module furniture and fixtures, as well as moving sensitive equipment such as office electronics and copying equipment. Depending on your office or workplace this could be a lot of the move, or it could be a limited amount. The best commercial moving services will also reconfigure and reconstruct the furniture and fixtures in the new location, all ready for your employees to come in and start work.

Additionally, you may want assistance in disconnecting and reconnecting your servers and telecommunication systems. This is a big part of most businesses, and knowing that your system is up and running can take a lot of the pressure off and prevent the loss of time and money when you have to call in another service provider after the commercial moving services have left.

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