Asbestos Waste Removal in London – How to Know if the Job is Done Properly

So, you’ve realised that the property you are residing in may have been constructed with asbestos containing materials (ACMs), huh? This can be quite a scary thought and from the moment you even start to think about being exposed to this fibrous mineral, it’s essential that you call in the professionals. Following a survey, an asbestos abatement team will carry out asbestos waste removal in London to ensure that your health is no way in jeopardy. Aside from focusing on licenses and insurance, the team should follow three basic practices to ensure the job is done correctly.

Cleaning Debris along the Way

Failure to clean up the trail of mess that they create could result in your health being affected by asbestos, not to mention the health of the asbestos abatement team! Asbestos removal in London will be a failure if the people you hire allow dust and debris to settle on the surfaces around your property. The same applies if the fibres disperse into the air, proving why cleaning up is so critical.

Using a Type H Vacuum Cleaner

If friable asbestos is detected in your commercial or residential premises, the people performing an asbestos removal in London will need to be safe and prevent the fibres from spreading. This can be accomplished if a type H vacuum cleaner is used – specialist cleaning equipment that is carefully designed to suck up hazardous dust from ceramic fibres, tiled flooring and other surfaces.

Wiping Contaminated Surfaces

Keep a close eye on the workers you hire for asbestos waste removal in London to make sure they are wiping contaminated areas. A damp cloth should be used to do this and a re-folding technique applied so as not to cause further contamination. These cloths will then be placed into labelled sacks.

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