Are Your Children’s Crayons Cancerous?

Reports from Australia and Canada have warned parents that their kids’ crayons might hold traces of the extremely dangerous carcinogenic material asbestos. The UK Asbestos Training Association (UKATA) is concerned about this and states that parents should take the reports seriously.

Why is it Happening?
According to recent findings, the crayons, which were exported to both Australia and Canada, were made in China and initially believed to be harmless due to the fact that the asbestos in question was woven into the wax and could not be inhaled by anyone who used the crayons. Additionally, many people believe that asbestos awareness is not something that is relevant in modern society, since its dangers are now well known.

Experts at UKATA argue that parents who purchased asbestos-laced crayons for their children definitely should approach the situation with caution, in spite of the Chinese manufacturers’ claims that the crayons are safe for household use. They have said that any level of asbestos present in a product being used by young children is cause for alarm.

A Serious Health Risk
The cruel irony of the situation is that many of the crayons were marketed to children with cheerful images of popular cartoon characters. Fortunately, at least one company has pulled the crayons from their shelves after reports of asbestos being present in them were released.

Exposure to asbestos has been causing deadly, sometimes fatal health issues in human beings since the Greek and Romans first began using it in candle-making and cloth weaving. Many slaves became incurably ill after working with the substance and acquired “diseases of the lungs,” and nowadays, exposure is known to be a leading cause of lung cancer.

Asbestos Awareness
Be informed about the dangers, and do not take the health risks associated with asbestos exposure lightly, experts say-even if it is often assumed to be a thing of the past and not a current problem in Western society.

Investing in asbestos removal for your home is another important step you can take to ensure your family’s health is not at risk.

If your kids have recently used crayons that might use asbestos as an ingredient, visit a medical professional and be certain that they are not suffering any side effects due to exposure. Even if the asbestos is set into the crayon wax, you can still become exposed to the substance while using the product.

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