Applying For Social Security Disability Benefits

Anyone faced with a serious medical condition, either physical or mental, can find the process of applying for disability benefits from Social Security extremely difficult and taxing. The same applicants know however the importance of getting their application completed as the benefits usually provide a considerable amount of financial support. People who find that they do need help are advised to hire a Social Security lawyer in Michigan. Although no lawyer can guarantee that your application will be approved he or she can guarantee that it will be completed correctly and be supported with all the necessary documents.

Proving your disability:

Once the Social Security Administration receives your application for disability benefits they examine it, assessing your specific medical condition and your ability to perform any meaningful work. The approval of your application hinges on the information you provide.

When you hire a Social Security lawyer in Michigan, he or she will review the application as well as your medical condition and medical history. In certain cases the lawyer may arrange for you to see a particular specialist so that the assessment can be included in the application.

There is a package of evidence that the Administration will be looking for; this includes up to date medical records, the results of lab tests that have been carried out, the diagnosis and treatment prescribed by your doctor and your doctors expert opinion on the chances of recovery and when.

Filing the application:

Although you can file your application independently it is always a good idea to involve a Social Security lawyer in Michigan at this time. Even when you use a lawyer at this stage there is no guarantee that the application will be approved. The next stages, the appeals process, are complex and you most certainly will want a lawyer at this time.

If you are physically or mentally disabled and unable to work you should contact a Social Security lawyer in Michigan for help with the application and subsequent appeals. You are invited to contact Thurswell Law.

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