Applying for Social Security Disability Benefits: Why Legal Counsel Matters

When the need to apply for Social Security disability arises, many people think the process is as simple as filling out a few forms. Unfortunately, many claims are denied the first time around. In order to ensure that the process is kept as simple as possible, it pays to hire an attorney who can help with the filing and making a case for the client if necessary. Here is what the attorney can do on behalf of the client.

Help with the Initial Application

People who get intimidated by forms may find the paperwork involved with seeking Social Security disability to be somewhat confusing. Even with the instructions provided, the chances of not understanding exactly what information is needed is a real possibility. With the aid of an attorney, it is possible to go over every question on the application, discuss what sort of data would provide a correct and complete response, and make sure the wording of the response is clear and concise. This helps to take away some of the apprehension the client feels about filling out the form.

Checking the Form Before the Submission

The attorney can go over the completed form before it is submitted. This is helpful, since the attorney can determine if anything needs to be added that would strengthen the case of the client. It also provides one last check for ambiguous responses before the application is on its way for review.

Representing the Client Before a Hearing Committee

If the claim is rejected for any reason, the attorney can request a hearing with a review board. The good thing about this arrangement is that the client does not necessarily have to be present for the event. When the client is struggling with limited mobility or some type of disorder that makes it difficult to be in public places, knowing the attorney is there to represent the client provides a great deal of relief.

If seeking disability benefits is something that needs to happen, don’t attempt to deal with the situation alone. Visit today and arrange to meet with an attorney. In many cases, the support received will ensure the benefits are awarded sooner rather than later.

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