Any Victim of Domestic Abuse Should Contact an Order of Protection Lawyer in Suffolk County NY

Domestic abuse can take many forms. While the most recognizable cases involve black eyes, broken bones and hospital stays, these are not the norm. In fact, many domestic abuse victims are rarely physically abused by their partner. Many times the abuse become more severe after the victim decides to leave their spouse. If you have been a victim of domestic abuse, an Order of Protection Lawyer in Suffolk County NY may be able to help you get a court order to keep your spouse away from you and your children.

To get the court order, you will have to testify in court about why you need it. Your spouse has the right to be there to defend themselves. Because your spouse will be able to ask you direct questions in court, it is a good idea to have an Order of Protection Lawyer in Suffolk County NY there with you.

Your attorney may help you control your emotions during the hearing by preparing you for it before hand. Lawyers who practice in Suffolk County family courts are familiar with the procedures and are in the best position to help you get an order of protection. There are different kinds of orders and your attorney may advise you of the best one to ask for in your situation. You may need a stay away order to prevent stalking and harassment or you may only need a refrain from order if you want the ability to remain in contact with your spouse or partner while preventing them from hurting you. Click here for more information.

Protection orders are legally enforceable documents that can result in arrest if they aren’t followed. If your Order of Protection Attorney in Suffolk County NY helps you get a stay away order and your abuser is seen near your residence, school or place of employment, they can be arrested. It may be helpful to alert the local police department in the area where you live, work or go to school that you have an order of protection so they are aware of the severity of your situation and can protect you if necessary.

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