An Overview of LaGrange Slip and Fall Lawyer

An accident is never intentional and can occur to anyone, anywhere and at any time of the year. But once it occurs, depending on the type of accident, an appropriate lawsuit need to be may be filed. While the nature of the accident may vary, the need for a great lawyer on your side does not. A very common accident that happens quite often is a slip and fall accident with thousands of claims filed every year.

What is a Slip and Fall Accident?

A slip and fall accident is also referred to as premises liability case. It is a claim or case filed when a person slips and falls. Property owners or custodians have a legal commitment to maintain and repair their property so that it does not pose a risk and is reasonably safe for people who visit the property. A slip and fall accident case is filed when the property owner is negligent in maintaining the property.

When someone slips and falls due to someone else’s negligence, they are often hurt. Injuries to the head, back, neck, and broken bones are all possibilities with a fall. When someone else’s carelessness, whether through laziness or forgetfulness, the injured party needs medical attention and that means medical bills. The party at fault for negligence should be the one who covers those expenses and other expenses that may result from the fall, including lost wages . Most companies carry insurance to cover these kind of occurrences. However, not all companies, or their insurance, are ready to take responsibility without a fight.

When to Approach a LaGrange Slip and Fall Lawyer

Irrespective of whether the slip and fall occurred in an office, supermarket, shopping mall, business establishment or private home, you may want to approach a LaGrange slip and fall lawyer if:

  • The fall is due to damage on the walking surface such as a crack on the floor or a broken step.
  • The fall is because of wet or slippery area on the floor.
  • The fall is caused as a result of poor lighting conditions in the room.
  • The fall is caused at construction sites due to negligence of contractors.
  • The fall is due to accumulation of ice or snow due to improper management of premises by property owner.

How a LaGrange Slip and Fall Lawyer Can Help You

A LaGrange slip and fall lawyer like Mary Ann Covone, Attorney at Law, can handle the legal issues on your behalf when compensation is to be obtained in case of a slip and fall. Their office will investigate, negotiate and help you build a strong claim in your favor. If your case goes to court, they will handle all the court proceedings. If you, your friend or a loved one has been injured in a slip and fall accident due to negligence of someone else, then please don’t hesitate to contact LaGrange slip and fall lawyer Mary Ann Covone through our contact form available online or call us today. We will provide you with the best personal and professional assistance at every step to take the necessary legal action against a property owner who caused you harm.

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