An Introduction To Grooming Services Found In Animal Hospitals

Grooming your pet dog in the right style can be tough if your doggy needs extra care while being handed over to strangers. Did you know that each dog has its own set of requirements while grooming? You will definitely not find the best results in regular grooming shops. However, experts working in animal hospitals will be able to use medical procedures like sedation and extra attention, to give your pet a comfortable time during the process. So, what are the processes that will be used to give your pet a complete change in looks?

The main difference in the services provided by professionals working in grooming shops and animal hospitals is the level of expertise exhibited. A professional, who has worked in close association with a vet, will understand the specific needs of each dog and will be more adept in recognizing special needs pets. And in most cases, the special needs pets need sedation during the grooming process. Further on, highly experienced professionals working with these hospitals will be able to determine the right style for every dog, giving you more than expected good results.

Procedures That Are Commonly Used In Grooming Dogs

Grooming services provided in a well established animal hospital are sure to be more specialized than those provided in commercial pet grooming shops. Remember, the equipment and procedure used in these hospitals are sure to be of a better quality than those used in commercial outlets. Normally you will come across ear cleaning, hand scissoring, massage, and teeth brushing services that are undertaken by experts operating in the pet grooming section. Advanced processes, like hydro-bath, de-matting, and deep conditioning, are found in the grooming department of these hospitals. Many experts used advanced shaving tools to get rid of excess hair in the face and body of the dog.

A Few Must Haves

It must be noted here, that, every pet that is being admitted in the animal hospital for grooming must be vaccinated. The papers must indicate up-dated vaccinations in rabies, bordetella and distemper vaccines. The pets are also required to take heartworm, felv/fiv and intestinal parasite exams prior to the grooming session. It is essential that the pet has a negative result in all these tests. Remember, occasional scratches on the skin may occur during the grooming process. Being aware of the sound health condition of the pet, enables the groomer to undertake standard procedures in attending to any scratches or cuts.

However, when taking their pets to a well established animal hospital, Odenton area pet owners will be able to get their dogs styled in the best suited fashion.

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