An Industrial Foundation Repair in Company Fairfax VA Can Eliminate Your Water Problems

A faulty foundation can lead to a damp basement, mold, water and an unstable home or building. Cracks in foundation walls or slabs are common signs of foundation problems. When bowing or buckling happens to a foundation, it means it’s a very serious condition that needs to be corrected by an industrial foundation repair company in Fairfax VA. A faulty foundation can cause cracks in tile, flooring, exterior walls and hardscapes. Doors and windows will not operate properly, and floors will be uneven or sink. Although foundation repairs can be costly if not repaired quickly, they are absolutely necessary to maintain the structural integrity of a building.

There are many things that can cause a foundation or slab to deteriorate. Expansion and contraction of the soil around the foundation can cause it to settle and crack. A leaky pipe under a slab or improper drainage near a foundation can cause excessive moisture to build up. Trees near a building can cause damage to a foundation. As the ground becomes too dry for them to survive, the roots will grow towards drainage pipes to search for water. These roots can crack the pipes and cause large cracks in a foundation.

Only an Industrial Foundation Repair Company in Fairfax VA should determine what is causing the problem with a foundation. After a thorough inspection, they can offer a variety of options for affordable repairs. Structural steel beam foundation wall reinforcement will keep the walls from moving or cracking. Push piers footer support may be necessary if the building is very unstable. Excessive moisture in the ground will require a hydrostatic pressure relief system. A foundation may need to be excavated and sealed with a new wall overlay. A field operator will keep an owner’s best interest in their decision for the best repair for the project.

If an owner is concerned about paying for the repair, they should speak with the field inspector about financing options that can cover 100% of the project. The longer an owner waits to have the foundation or slab inspected and repaired could result in higher repair costs in the future. For more information about securing a building and eliminating water and structural instability, visit

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