An Aerobic Septic Tank System Will Reduce The Chances Of Environmental Impacts

An Aerobic Septic Tank System is, essentially, a small-scale sewage treatment system. An aerobic process uses oxygen that reduces wastewater strength in the septic tank. This type of system reduces the amount of water that is delivered to the drain field.

A standard septic tank is less efficient than the anaerobic system. The oxygen in the aerobic septic system reduces the load on the drain field and improves the quality of the wastewater leaving a septic tank. A better water quality ensures that deterioration of the components of a septic system reduced as much as possible.

An Aerobic Septic System

In order to save a failing septic system, converting an anaerobic septic tank to an aerobic one will correct the problem. Aerobic bacteria create 20 times more energy than anaerobic bacteria. The oxygen of the aerobic system will reduce the amount of organic material that leaves the septic tank. A homeowner can save a lot of money on the replacement of their septic system by the installation of an Aerobic Septic Tank System.

Reason A Septic System Fails

The main reason a septic system fails is that it was not properly maintained. A traditional septic requires regular pumping to keep it operating at its best. An aerobic system requires the system be regularly pumped and the injectors cleaned at least twice a year.

Failing to maintain a septic system will cause the solids to travel to the drain field and will require repair. Limiting the amount of solids that are placed in the sink drains or toilets will also reduce the chance of the system failing. If the injectors are not regularly cleaned in the aerobic system, organic matter will harden and cause the system to malfunction. In addition, foul smells from the septic system will increase in the home or business.

There are many solutions to today’s septic system issues. Whether there is a minimal or large slope of the septic system, it should only be installed and maintained by an experienced septic system company. For more information about installation, maintenance, or repair of a septic system, please feel free to visit You can also connect with them on Facebook.

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