AME Plumbing NJ – We Keep Your Water and Your Life Flowing Smoothly

Finding a reliable, affordable, and safe plumbing service in Freehold New Jersey is easier than you think.  For homeowners, finding service people is always a challenge.  You want to know that you are calling someone who will be reliable; who will do the repairs right, the first time; who show up on time; and that you will be comfortable having them around your family.  At AME Plumbing, we treat you how we would want our family to be treated.  We can’t turn back time to avoid your plumbing problem, but we can resolve it for you as quickly as possible.

The secret to our fast and trustworthy service? Our plumbers are trained to tackle any and all plumbing problems, from minor leaks to major emergencies. Some of the problems we routinely tackle include: leak repair, clogged drains, sewer line repair, line jetting, sewer line cleaning, water main repair, leak detection, water line repair, TV video pipe inspection, hot water heater replacement, and hot water heater repair.

We also focus on figuring out why a problem happened.  For many plumbing issues, even if they are resolved, they can recur if the root cause is not addressed.  Therefore, our plumbers don’t just fix your problem, they tell you what caused it and how to avoid the problem recurring.  When there are multiple alternative solutions, our plumbers will explain them to you, including the pros and cons as well as the costs for the various alternatives.

While we are great in emergencies, we also do a great job for scheduled services.  From routine maintenance to new construction, remodeling, or other new plumbing installations, AME can handle all of your scheduled and emergency plumbing needs.  If you need a reliable, affordable, and friendly plumber, call AME today.

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