Aluminum Plate – An Essential Building Element in Various Grades

As a result of its high strength to weight ratio, corrosion resistance, cost-effectiveness, and electrical and thermal conductivity characteristics, aluminum is a highly sought after metal for a wide range of applications. The metal also has excellent machinability and weldability characteristics. It can be cut to precise tolerances for various requirements. Below are some considerations to make when selecting aluminum plate.

Aluminum Plate Alloys

Aluminum shapes, including plates are available in various alloys that enhance the strength of the material. The elements in these alloys can include nickel, magnesium, copper, and silicone. Even aluminum that is on alloy has considerable strength and is useful for many uses in the commercial arena.

Grades of Aluminum Plate


As one of the most common aluminum grades used in the marine, aerospace, and transportation industries, 7075 aluminum alloy is known for its stress corrosion cracking resistance and ultimate strength properties when strength is one of the most important requirements.


This alloy is known for its versatile heat treatable properties and is utilized in a variety of general purpose applications. It consists of aluminum plate alloyed with silicone and magnesium. Applications include walkways, steps, platforms, frames, truck bodies, and various structures.


The food equipment industry makes considerable use of this aluminum grade in its cooking equipment and utensils. Other applications include awnings, aluminum siding, and trim.


As one of the most popular grade of high-strength aluminum plate plates, 2024 aluminum alloy is a prize choice for aerospace applications, including wing tension and fuselage components. It is utilized when stiffness, strength, and fatigue performance are a priority. In addition to aerospace, hydraulic, structural, transportation, and pneumatic industries make use of this alloy.

Aluminum Cast

Used in applications where stability is a higher priority than strength, aluminum cast can be found in the plastics (for mold fabrication), electronics, and food and packaging industries. It is also useful for creating prototypes, drill jigs, and medical instruments.

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