Aluminum Flat Bar Purchasing Tips

Buying any type of metal is always a challenge, particularly if you don’t have a regular supplier. With the many different construction and industrial uses of aluminum flat bar, it is one of the most commonly purchased forms of aluminum today.

Depending on the alloy or the series, aluminum flat bar is available in different sizes and shapes. The type of alloy in the bar will determine how machinable, weldable and formable the aluminum alloy is. Additionally, different alloys will also have varying degrees of electrical conductivity, strength to weight ratios, corrosion resistance and the ability to create a specific type of highly reflective surface.

It will be essential when buying flat bar, or any other type of aluminum, to know the specific alloy required. For many applications the 6063 aluminum, also known as architectural aluminum, or 6061 aluminum, which is the most common alloy used in producing extrusions.

Buy from an Aluminum Company

There are many different places to purchase aluminum flat bar including online, through construction supply companies and through specialized aluminum companies.

In all cases, the best option is to choose to buy from an aluminum supplier. There are several different reasons for this choice, but they all boil down to top quality product and customer service and satisfaction.

Many of the online auctions or general metal suppliers will sell aluminum in all forms from bar to plates and rods. However, they usually carry only the most common extrusions and options, and only the basic sizes of aluminum flat bar in the most common alloys.

Special ordering from these companies can be a lengthy process, and you will not have the same pricing as is possible from a specialized aluminum dealer. Additionally, if you need any custom extrusions or additional components to go with your order it is highly unlikely these companies can provide the service.

Online auctions are always buyer beware, and the buyer typically pays shipping. In many cases, the aluminum is not in top shape, and there is very little recourse for low quality alloy in poor condition upon arrival.

Delivery on Your Schedule

Another important consideration in buying aluminum flat bar from a dedicated aluminum supplier is the ability to schedule the delivery to meet your needs. These companies understand the need to stay on the schedule, and they base their professional reputation on customer service, fair pricing and a top rating for on-time deliveries.

While you do have options for buying aluminum flat bar in small or large quantity, shopping with a specialized aluminum supplier is always the best option when quality matters.

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