All you need to know about excavator hire

Long gone are the days when excavators were huge, rumbling machines that were only seen on large construction sites, today, thanks to mini excavators the typical homeowner can take care of site preparation and soil disbursement with little more than a phone call. These compact machines are not only small, ideal for use in constrained areas, they are fast; they can do in a day that would take a team of guys with shovels a week or more. Before you commit you may need a little primer on all you need to know about excavator hire.

There are numerous issues that need to be considered before hiring a mini excavator. Perhaps the first thing is to understand that, even though mini excavators look simple to operate, they are not; you must hire one that comes with a skilled operator. It’s not than an amateur can’t make the machine go back and forth and up and down, that part is reasonably straight forward; the trick is to do it without causing any damage. There are several buried utilities around a modern home; electrical power cables, gas mains, sewers etc. When you hire a responsible company then you be assured that they will find out where the utilities are located and mark them well thus assuring that they will not interfere with them.

There are numerous companies that hire out mini excavators, many are good but there are only a handful of the best. You want to hire a company that has years of proven performance, especially doing the particular job that you want done. You also want to make sure that their equipment will fit through any tight spots there may be between the road and the site; you don’t want to have to destroy a fence to get the machine into the backyard. Ask the companies to provide you with a few names of people who had a similar job done, call them and get their opinion, especially ask if they would use them again if the need arose.

Pick a couple of candidates that look like they can do the job and do it right, ask them for a formal quotation. Don’t jump on the low price, often the best companies charge a little more but they have superior equipment and have very experienced operators. Make sure the company you pick is insured and licensed.

Lethal Excavations are mini excavation experts and can tell you all you need to know about excavator hire and then do the job right, on time and within budget. You are invited to contact Lethal Excavations to discuss your project in detail.

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