Advantages To Professional Color Printing In Chicago

There is no question that the quality of printed material from home computer and top of the line printers has certainly come a long way. This is true in all types of photo printing, poster printing and in all aspects of color printing.

Although color printing from a home computer is possible, there is still a very significant difference between professional printing services and what can be done at home. To understand the differences, and to see why professional printing is usually the best option, consider the following issues.

Color Options

While home computers and printers offer very high resolution images and colors, it is not the same level of professional software systems available through commercial printers.

With these color printing programs, there are literally hundreds of thousands of colors and shades that can be read by the software program and then recreated time and time again with perfect color quality. Even the best home printers will have irregularities in the color over large runs, and stopping to change out ink will result in slight variations.

Support with Design and Options to Consider

Even if you have an eye for design, having a professional designer work with you to great the perfect look for business marketing materials, invitations, business cards, letterheads, menus, posters or anything else you may want to print is a great idea.

Simply having a design expert take a look at the design, particularly for import types of graphics, logos or images, can often make the difference between a basic design and something that truly memorable and classic in its style. There are often minor adjustments to a design that can really highlight a central component of the document or print order and bring the entire look together.

Additionally, color printing services can also help with developing graphic design services, either developing a corporate logo and branding program or helping to relaunch an already established brand with a newer, more modern look.

Cost of Printing

The cost of color printing from a printing services typically is much less than what it costs on a home computer and printer. The high costs of the ink cartridges, the limited access to specialized paper and the cost of waste with home printing all adds up very quickly. You will also have to factor in your time in creating the design, going through all the drafts and then finally having to complete all the color printing.

In Chicago, there really is no better option than professional printers to complete your color printing tasks. Find a printer with a top reputation, with competitive pricing and with the ability to create the beautiful end product you want for your printing needs.

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