Advantages Of Cremation In Hamilton OH

Unfortunately, death is something that everyone must face at one time or another. The passing of a loved one is especially difficult for family and friends left behind. Trying to determine how to carry out a loved one’s final wishes can be difficult, but for those who know the deceased’s desired a simple direct cremation, it can ease both the mind and the pocketbook. There are many advantages to having a direct cremation instead of a traditional burial. Of course, the family can choose to have a simple memorial service at their home or other location, but that can be easily carried out at a later date. A direct Cremation in Hamilton OH includes the facility picking up the deceased, obtaining the death certificate, cremating the body and returning the ashes to the family in a container. The ashes can also be disposed of by the facility, if desired. Obtaining the ashes allows the family to dispose of the ashes how they see fit, or keep them, if they prefer. The ashes can be kept in either a low-cost disposable container or in a purchased, more expensive urn.

Because a Cremation in Hamilton OH, does not require the expense of a casket, embalming of the body, purchase of a cemetery plot or a headstone or grave marker, there is a substantial savings in choosing cremation over burial. Most burial services traditionally also include a funeral service, which can add greatly to the cost.

An additional advantage to cremation is the flexibility of choices that are available to the family. With a traditional burial, the body is buried in a specific cemetery where it will permanently stay. For some families, this causes a difficult choice as the family grows and moves on. Because the grave site is the physical marker of the loved one, there may be much distress moving away from this emotional landmark. Ashes stored in an urn can be moved anywhere, bringing a sense of comfort and security to loved ones.

Though there are pros and cons for both types of final arrangements, depending on families and their circumstances, most will agree that cremation is a low-cost yet dignified way to stay goodbye and bring comfort to loved ones left behind.

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