Advanced Auto Window Tinting in Dayton Ohio

Auto window tinting in Dayton Ohio is not a new concept. People have been using tint to block the glare of the sun, decrease fading of the materials and the dashboard, and improve the comfort and look of their vehicles for decades. What has changed is the technology used to install the tint, the custom cutting techniques, and the variety of choices in type and shade of tinting. Auto tinting shades were traditionally available in a total of five or six options. The tinting was the same kind in a few degrees of shading. Today, there are almost thirty choices in six different categories.

3M auto window tinting in Dayton Ohio is available in different categories that can be selected depending on the purpose of the tinting, the look desired, and the budget of the car owner. 3M FX premium, for example, is an all-purpose tint that is high-quality, yet economical. It reduces glare, improves comfort, and enhances the look of the car. This type is available in six different shades to look great on any color of vehicle. The 3M color stable auto window film is designed to increase safety as well as reduce glare. The tint provides an extra layer of protection against broken glass by helping to keep glass shards from flying into the vehicle. The shades also prevent seat belts from deteriorating from prolonged sun exposure. Most films are non-metallized, so they will not interfere with global positioning systems, satellite radios, or cell telephone signals. Two categories, the Black Chrome series, and the FX HP series do utilize metallized film, so there may be slight interference.

All auto tinting has a lifetime warranty when professionally installed. Advanced cutting techniques provide a custom fit so the film will not peel, bubble, or blister. Some types are designed to maintain their original shading, so they will not fade over time. Tinting will last as long as the vehicle is on the road. Car owners can Browse our website for details on all available tinting choices, and to check out the tinting choice simulator. This interactive feature will provide interior and exterior views of what each tint will look like on the vehicle. In addition to auto window tinting, commercial and residential window tinting services are also available.

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