Add to Your Branding with A Quality Tin Wine Capsule

A quality wine or spirit requires a quality label, bottle, and capsule design. Creating a look of traditional style with the entire look of the bottle is important, which extends from the top of the bottle to the bottom.

One overlooked aspect of sophisticated branding and labeling campaign that is easily overlooked is in the wine capsule selected. Pairing a classic, rich and elegant label with a plastic or economy type of wine capsule can send a mixed message that may limit the full potential for the branding effort.

Instead, using a distinctive tin wine capsule provides an upscale look to the bottle, particularly when carefully paired with the label and bottle style. These wine capsules are distinctive with a seamless form that hugs the top of the bottle, giving a classic look, style, and feel. Durable and strong, they also provide optimal protection to the cork and the edges of the top of the bottle.

Options to Consider

The rich luster of a tin wine capsule makes it a good option for virtually any color combinations. Traditional colors of white, silver, gold, black and the jewel colors of sapphire, emerald green, and ruby red are always dramatic. When paired with contrasting colors for the brand, logo and even the embossed area on the top of the capsule, they create a distinctive look on the shelf or in the wine rack.

Far from boring or old looking, modern technology offers the ability for highly ornate designs and multiple colors with a tin wine capsule. The option to have the top of capsule embossed adds another dimension and a look of quality to the bottle that cannot be replicated with other options.

Wineries and distilleries producing quality products should compare the look, feel and design options of a tin capsule to other options on the market. In side-by-side comparisons, the quality and luxury look of the tin is always easy to recognize.

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