Actions to Take Before Seeking Professional AC Repairs in Spanish Fort AL

Having a personal environment that has appropriate temperature and moisture levels is essential for household occupants and interior assets. Your air conditioner is the home-based climate control system that makes that controls the properties of air to make this possible. When it’s defective, there are some actions to take before you call for professional AC Repairs in Spanish Fort AL. Doing this will save on costly repairs. Utilize the following suggestions to restore functionality to your AC system.

Prior to calling an expert for AC Repairs in Spanish Fort AL, check your thermostat. Ensure that the thermostat is set to the “on” and “cool” modes. Set the temperature lower than the temperature of your home. The AC system should start in when it’s set this way. Test the heat by setting the thermostat to the “heat” mode. Turn the thermostat to a degree higher than the temperature of the room. You will have to wait a few moments for the furnace to heat up before warm air is pushed out. If your thermostat needs batteries to run, change the battery. Look at the indicator before you do this. Also, remove the face plate of the thermostat to remove dust with compressed air.

It’s also necessary to check your filter before getting AC Repairs in Spanish Fort AL. You may have one by the return air grill, in the air handler, or in both places. Remove the filter and inspect it. A filter full of dust, allergens, and mold can cause the system to malfunction and actually blow these substances back into the indoor air. Replace a disposable filter and clean a permanent filter. When you are unsure about which size filter to purchase, look on the side of the old filter. There should be a number that indicates the one you should get. It’s recommended that you change your filter at least once a month for optimal AC performance.

Seeking professionals AC Repairs in Spanish Fort AL should be done after you establish that the problem does not lie with your ability to properly operate the AC system. When these steps don’t work, consult with a professional like the ones at Air In Motion, Inc. This company can handle residential, commercial, and industrial air conditioning services including maintenance and repairs.

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