Actions a Waterproofing Contractor in Boston, MA will Take

A home that has a basement has a very useful space for a number of different purposes. Some people use basements for storage areas, others for rental spaces, or to create more living space for the home. However, the usage of a basement can be severely limited by moisture issues. It’s in these situations a homeowner may need to touch base with a waterproofing contractor in Boston MA to get a better handle on the moisture problems their basement is experiencing.

Creating a Moisture Free Basement

Any time that finishing products are used in a basement, such as insulation, drywall, carpeting or any type indoor furniture, controlling the moisture in that space will be essential. Because basements are subterranean spaces, moisture issues are inherent, but there are ways that a basement can be made as waterproof as possible to create an area that is free from excessive humidity or leaks.

Surrounding Issues

Many times, solving a basement moisture issue has little to do with the basement and more to do with contributing factors such as the grading of the property around the basement walls or something as simple as a gutter system. Gutters move water away from home, and if the gutter system isn’t working properly, this water will pool around the exterior walls home and eventually be absorbed into the soil. This is typically where leaks will come from through basement walls.

Wall Problems

However, even with minimal and acceptable amounts of water absorption into the soil, if the basement walls have been compromised because of years of moisture exposure, the walls themselves may have to be reinforced with waterproofing materials in order to solve any moisture or humidity issues. A Waterproofing Contractor in Boston MA may use epoxy to seal cracks. Epoxy is a paint-like waterproof sealant applied to the walls. They may also choose waterproofing membranes to act as a moisture barrier on the exterior of basement walls.

If your basement is experiencing water incursion issues, you’ll need a waterproofing contractor to determine the scope of the problem and to figure out how to solve it. If you need to schedule an in-home inspection, or you simply want to learn more about what waterproofing contractors can offer you, you may want to browse our website for more information.

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