Accountant in Manhattan: Providing Professional and Personal Service

The certified public accountant is one of the most unsung and at the same time important individuals to any one’s personal or corporate business. A licensed CPA spends years training for the profession. They take special accountancy courses in college and are required to pass the Uniform Certified Public Accountant Examination given by the state, as well as meeting other state requirements, to earn that license to practice as a CPA. They undergo periodic recertification, which means continuing education to keep up with the changing standards of the profession. These certification requirements are imposed by necessity. A CPA, after all, deals with the personal and company finances of their clients. They assist in every aspect of financial planning. An error can cost a person or company their assets, and the potential for fraud and abuse is far too great not to require rigidly enforced codes of those who claim the title of certified public accountant.

An Accountant in Manhattan, who has received full state certification and licensing, is empowered to perform all the functions of a CPA. These include corporate governance, estate planning, financial accounting, analysis and planning, and a whole host of financial and related services. CPAs can be called upon to perform forensic accounting services, management consultation, and income tax preparation. But beyond every business consideration, a good Certified Public Accountant is also a friend. In fact, he or she is perhaps one of the most important friends one can have in life. That accountant is not only keeping the books, but building a personal relationship upon which he or she will be able to handle all aspects of a client’s financial existence. It is important that the client is more than just a client to the CPA.

When seeking a trustworthy Accountant in Manhattan, find someone who has over thirty years in the business and long experience dealing with personal and business finance, tax law, and making final preparations and estate planning services. Said accountant should be honest and ethical all down the line. The accountant should also be willing to provide not only professional but personal service as well. Go to the website at for more detailed information of what a good certified public accountant can do for you.

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