Abortion Options at Abortion Clinics in Silver Spring, MD

Terminating a pregnancy is an extremely difficult decision for most women, especially in pregnancies that have been carefully planned. However, if something is wrong with the fetus, such as it being implanted in a fallopian tube, an abortion may need to be facilitated in order to save the life of the mother. Since abortion is never an easy decision, it is important to find discreet, caring professionals to help you through this trying time.

Abortion Options

If you decide to terminate a pregnancy, there are usually two options available at abortion clinics in Silver Spring, MD. You can choose to either have a medical abortion or a surgical abortion.

Medical Abortions

A medical abortion is facilitated at abortion clinics by giving patients the abortion pill, RU-486, also known as mifepristone, along with another drug called misoprostol. The combination of the two medications will cause the woman’s body to reject the fetus. This method can only be done up until the ninth week of pregnancy, when the fetus is still small and underdeveloped, which means that it cannot survive the process.

Surgical Abortions

A surgical abortion can be performed at abortion clinics in Maryland up until the 17th week of pregnancy. Most women are in the clinic for two to four hours, so it you should plan to take the day off so you can have the procedure and rest afterwards. The caring staff at the Metropolitan Family Planning Clinic will provide information about the procedure and they’ll answer any questions you have in a non-judgmental environment.

Abortion clinics also offer other health services to women, such as contraceptives to prevent unwanted pregnancies and gynecological assistance as well. They can perform testing for HIV, STDs, breast cancer screening, pap smears, and they can provide other health services pertaining to a woman’s reproductive system. An abortion clinic can provide many of the services that women need to have healthy babies in the future.

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