A Quick VoIP Buying Guide For Small Business

As a small business owner moving from a traditional phone system to a VoIP phone has a lot of advantages. Once you start looking at systems out there you may find that you actually need a VoIP buying guide for small business owners to help you get the right VoIP phone for your needs.

One of the most important first points in the VoIP buying guide for small business owners is that you should make a list of what you want your phone system to do. This could include if you need low cost long distance, if you need integration of video conferencing or messaging or if you need to have the ability to scale the system up rapidly when needed.

Your Broadband Connection
Any VoIP buying guide for small business owners should start with looking at what your current broadband usage is and if it could handle the additional bandwidth that will come with adding VoIP phones. The good news is that most new services have enough bandwidth and data capabilities to easily handle the slightly heavier load.

However, if you are close to your maximum usage you will need to consider upgrading your package to avoid extra costs with overages.

You may be surprised how many phones that you have may work with a VoIP system. Some of your newer phones that are used on your old analogue lines may actually work with your VoIP system. The VoIP buying guide for small business owners indicates that you should check to makes sure that the phone can process IP-PBX routes. This will be called a SIP-enabled phone.

Extra Features
If you are looking in a VoIP buying guide for small business owners you should see a section on additional features. Most VoIP phone systems are so advanced that these features are considered part of the basic package and can include everything from a virtual receptionist to internet faxing, caller ID, conference calling and the ability to forward the calls to virtually any other phone, including your mobile phone, providing the VoIP phone is connected to the internet.

By considering the different features, the phones and the cost of these phones, you won’t have any trouble seeing the advantage of these systems. In addition the VoIP buying guide for small business owners should also mention the mobility factor as they will work anywhere that you have internet, making them great for employees on the road.

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