A Quick Guide To Buy Any Sized Cold Beverage Dispenser

Choosing the right cold beverage dispenser for your food service business, catering service, conference venue, meeting facility, restaurant or bar is an important decision. Making the right choice can be confusing unless a strategic approach to comparing what is available on the market is developed.

The simple fact is almost any cold beverage dispenser can work in any setting. However, just because it will work doesn’t mean it will supply the volume of cold drinks required at peak times and provide the additional features to make it more efficient.

To determine the best type, design and style of cold beverage dispenser as well as the features required start by considering the following aspects of the equipment required. Knowing what is required in each of these categories will develop a guide to help make the right choice in beverage dispensing equipment.

Types of Drinks

A cold beverage dispenser can be used for many different types of beverages. Some dispensers can be used to serve both carbonated and non-carbonated beverages, which may be an important consideration for some food service venues.

In addition, beer dispensers are also an option for bars and lounges to consider. These will be stand-alone systems and will not be combined with other types of beverages.

Volume of Cold Drinks

With a cold beverage dispenser it is essential to know how many cold drinks per minute can be poured from the dispenser. This known as the draw performance and will vary based on the size of the drinks as well as the ambient temperature when the equipment will be operated.

Remember to evaluate or consider the draw performance required for peak use times and not at lower use times to ensure customers get icy cold, quality beverages.


Shopping for a cold beverage dispenser will soon provide a lot of different options when it comes to size and design. Typically the more valves required the larger and heavier the unit will be, which does need to be taken into consideration.

For some venues having more than one dispensing station may be required for speed of service and efficiency. This could include multiple cold beverage dispenser stations for wait staff or bar staff to access or it could apply to self-serve carbonated or non-carbonated drink stations as well.

Once you have identified the core features you need, start comparing the various cold beverage dispenser models on the market. This is also a great time to look at additional features, energy and space saving options and overall design to make a final decision.

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