A Practical Guide To Buying Used Liquid Chromatography Systems

There are several reasons why a lab, hospital or testing facility should choose used liquid chromatography equipment over brand new models. The most significant reason is the low cost of used compared to new.

Buying through a reputable, established and trusted used medical and testing equipment service will provide models that are over half of the cost of the same model in new condition. With a reputable seller, the buyer can rest assured that the used liquid chromatography will be in full working order and will meet all standards required for testing.

There are a few strategies that any buyer can use to get the most out of used analytical and testing equipment. This will apply to used liquid chromatography as well as all other equipment types from DNA sequencers to GC/MS system and clinical instrumentation needs.

Buy Newer Models

One of the most common misunderstandings is that used testing equipment will be older models that are still operational but offer only limited testing ability and capacity. In fact, the top used analytical laboratory companies often have very new models available at deeply discounted prices.

Buying newer models allow for a greater range of testing options and ensures compatibility with other systems if it is to be integrated. These systems are also developed with the ability to work with small sample sizes, which is often important for both research labs as well as for hospital testing facilities.

Warranty Options

Top companies will offer refurbished liquid chromatography and HPLC (High Performance Liquid Chromatography) equipment that is refurbished. This equipment has been fully inspected and repaired to Original Equipment Manufacturer standards. All software upgrades have been completed, and the equipment is like new.

With this type of used equipment, look for a warranty that can be tailored to meet your needs. This adds to the value of the equipment as well as providing the full backing of the quality of the equipment through the used equipment service.

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