A Personal Injury Law Firm in Lewes, DE Understands the Unique Nature of Each Case

Insurance claims adjusters are generally more willing to provide payment for physical injury treatment than for mental or emotional trauma counseling after an accident. They also are less willing to pay for intangible aspects such as emotional suffering or a reduction in quality of life. An individual who has been seriously hurt in an accident should expect to receive full compensation for medical bills, including costs for surgery, time spent in the hospital, and prescription medications. A personal injury law firm in Lewes, DE can help if the insurance company is balking at paying the full cost of ongoing care such as physical therapy and alternative treatments. Insurers may be hesitant to pay for chiropractic care, for example. A case must be made to show evidence that this treatment is effective for helping the patient recover or decrease pain.

Insurers may be more inclined to pay for ongoing physical therapy because this is considered a conventional treatment. However, many patients find that chiropractic care and massage are more effective for relieving back pain and speeding healing. A personal injury law firm in Lewes, DE may become necessary to ensure that the person does not have to pay for these appointments out of pocket. If possible, the patient should get documentation from his or her medical doctor recommending the use of alternative therapy. The doctor may be willing to do this if it means the patient can stop taking prescription pain medication that poses the risk of addiction and includes hazardous side effects.

Each case is unique and is affected by a variety of legal factors. A person can learn a great deal of relevant information by conducting research online, but those efforts do not replace the work of an experienced lawyer. Accident attorneys know the relevant laws and case histories, and they understand how to acquire the maximum compensation for their clients. They also have office staff who can investigate relevant case history in more unusual situations. Visit Baird Mandalas Brockstedt, attorneys at law, to schedule a free consultation. A lawyer will be ready to discuss the circumstances and provide information about the best way to proceed.

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