A New Look For Your Kitchen Doesn’t Have To Cost A Fortune

Kitchens get tired, they are perhaps the busiest room in the house and over time they begin to look “shop worn.” Updating your kitchen does not have to cost a fortune, an affordable kitchen design in Chicago, coupled with creativity can transform your kitchen without breaking the bank.

It’s a given that every homeowner would love to have an elegant kitchen, but spending 40 or 50 thousand is not an option for everyone. That is not a problem, there are many ways to update and modernize your kitchen without it costing that kind of money.

For far less money and a little work it is possible to have what you want. Included in the cost of a kitchen remodel is demolishing the old one, if you can do the demolition yourself and pay particular attention to cabinet and appliance selection you can turn a dream into reality.

  • Options to custom cabinets:

Who would not want custom cabinets? They are beautiful, make use of every inch of room but they cost a great deal of money. There are pre-made modular kitchens that can do the job well and they have become far better than they were a few years ago.

  • Affordable countertops:

It is hard to imagine a homeowner that would not want granite or marble countertops, the problem is the cost. Engineered stone is a good option but even that material is not cheap.

Laminate countertops are a great option, they are available in a host of colors and patterns, can be made to fit any shape counter and are easy to install.

  • Appliances:

A lot of modern appliances have “bells and whistles” that really are not necessary, but to get them it costs money. Appliance dealers will point out that there are no reliability differences between high cost and lower cost appliances. Consider functional rather than high end designer appliances, you will get more bang for your buck.

With a little bit of thought and a little bit of work you can come up with an affordable kitchen design in Chicago that will look like it cost a small fortune.

An affordable kitchen design in Chicago can be just as grand and just as serviceable as one costing far more. To discuss what can be accomplished within your budget you are invited to talk to the folks at Chicago Custom Kitchens. Visit them online at website.

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