A Mother’s Love: Reasons to Consider a Tulsa Adoption

For some women, giving birth to a child is a bittersweet time. This is especially true when having a child occurs under certain unfortunate circumstances. For mothers who find themselves in this position, considering the idea of a adoption in Tulsa area does make sense. Here are a few of the reasons why talking with an agency about this possibility may be the best option.

Unable to Care for the Child Properly

One of the main reasons that women consider the idea of a Tulsa Adoption is that they know it will be impossible to provide for the child properly. Perhaps there is no partner in the picture and no way to earn a living other than getting a job. Even then, providing the child with even the essentials will be close to impossible. Rather than attempting to raise the child in a home where there is a constant struggle to put food on the table, offering the child to a couple who can provide a stable and loving environment is one of the most loving acts the mother can perform.

Wanting a Better Life for the Child

While it would be possible to find a balance between working and raising the child, providing the little extras as the years pass would be a struggle. Even though the mother may be resigned to a difficult life for herself, she wants better for her child. By allowing the baby to be placed with a couple who can provide more than just the basics, the mother is giving the child a better chance for success in life.

The Circumstances of the Birth

While many births are the result of a loving relationship, that is not always the case. If the birth is the outcome of an assault or a relationship that has turned violent, keeping the child will serve as a constant reminder of those events. Instead of growing to resent the child, why not give the baby up for adoption? For some families, the child will be a source of joy and not a reminder of something that happened in the past.

To learn more about adoption options in Tulsa, talk with our counselor today. Giving the baby up for adoption may be the right thing for everyone involved.

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