A Guide to Great General Dentistry

On your first visit to a dental office, you can expect a good dentist to thoroughly analyze all of your dental needs. This way, if you just come in for one issue, others will still be explored so you can become aware of any problems that may arise in the future. A precise plan will be made for your general needs, and you will feel comfortable with the decisions being made because a good dentist will explain your situation to you clearly and concisely. If your dentist is skilled in exceptional general dentistry, they will offer you a number of services including:

* Deep, routine cleanings
* Restorations
* Dental wellness screenings
* Procedures like fillings, crowns, and even some cosmetic dentistry options


When people think of visiting the dentist routinely, hopefully they have fond memories of the clean feeling they receive after visiting their dentist. This is the most popular procedure in dentistry – regular cleanings. These visits are very important because they prevent patients from having to endure more difficult procedures in the future. Individuals that have regular cleanings are proven to be at less of a risk for difficult oral ailments like gingivitis, periodontal disease, and overall tooth decay.


Good general dentistry offers the ability to also have an efficient oral cancer screening. These issues are not often reviewed and investigated by your regular physician, but they will be examined on your very first visit with a great dentist. This analysis of major issues can save you time and, in some cases, your life.


When you do need a more advance procedure, a good dentist will be trained in advanced, modern methods that will make you most comfortable and well. Have you ever had many dentist appointments for just one procedure, such as a crown? An advanced professional of general dentistry will be trained in CEREC, a technology that allows this to consist of one simple session instead of it taking weeks on end.

Having a temporary tooth in your mouth can create problems because of the difficulty with eating that may ensure. In some cases, temporary teeth can be easily broken. CEREC is an advanced CAD-cam technology that allows dentists to create a restored tooth or teeth by creating crowns with computer technology. There are also methods of laser restoration that your dentist should know about and utilize when appropriate.

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