A Guide For Choosing The Right Tobacco Ejuice For Your Taste

One of the great things about having a host of different companies offering eLiquid varieties online is that you have a lot of different manufacturers to choose from. Since each company blends a proprietary formula for their tobacco eLiquid you can shop around until you find just the right taste for your personal preference.

Many people that enjoy a traditional tobacco eLiquid taste also like blends that include tobacco extract. This is often a great way to try out different tobacco combinations with other flavors so you can then learn which blends work best for you.

The Natural Combinations for Award Winning Tobacco eLiquid Blends

When you think of tobacco eLiquid blends, there are some natural combinations that come to mind. Many of the award-winning tobacco eLiquid flavors, including vanilla and coffee, are a perfect pairing with the natural taste of tobacco.

Other popular combinations that are recognized by vapers as a natural pairing include tobacco and cherry or tobacco, cherry, and rose. For a more soothing and smooth flavor that is great for after a meal or for all day vaping, consider a combination of tobacco, caramel and vanilla. It is sweet with a rich vanilla flavor but also carries a tobacco flavor that we all know and love to enjoy.

Enjoying a Great Tobacco eLiquid

There are two different things to consider when buying tobacco eLiquid from any company. First, there is always the issue of steeping or using immediately upon delivery. When you are ordering from top companies with consistent quality control on the eLiquids you should be able to have the option between steeping and immediate usage.

As the eLiquid with naturally extracted tobacco steeps, it will develop a richer, more pronounced tobacco flavor and taste. You will notice that the sweeter flavors are still there, but the strong tobacco notes will be front and center.

For some of the best tobacco eLiquid blends, check out Nicoticket. Their flavors, Wakonda, Roundhouse, and The Virus (H1N1) feature excellent tobacco tastes. These flavors can steep for as short as two weeks or up to two months to really develop that the perfect level of flavor you need for your vaping experience.

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