A Few Quick Facts About Getting a Flu Vaccination

A Flu Vaccination is something every doctor will recommend to their patients. Medical professionals will stress the importance of it on the nightly news and every pharmacy will advertise constantly beginning in the early fall. Yet, despite all of the reminders and suggestions, there are still many that neglect this fast and easy preventative care.

Nearly every person should have a flu shot. The only people who cannot have one are those who are allergic to any ingredients in the immunization and children under 6 months of age. The remainder of the population could greatly reduce their odds of being ill, missing work and spreading the illness to others. There are some occasions when the amount of the vaccine available is limited and reserved for those most at risk, but the majority of the time, there is no reason to avoid getting the shot.

It is important to realize that many of the worries about this vaccination are unwarranted. By knowing the facts, people can make a sensible decision about what is best for their health and their family.

     *     A flu shot will not give someone the flu; it is medically impossible because only a dead virus is used.

     *     It takes two weeks for the shot to become effective. This is why everyone should have the vaccination before flu season officially begins.

     *     It is possible for a specific strain of the flu to become prevalent, and not be the one that the immunization protects against.

     *     Even though early is better, flu season can last until spring. If someone wishes to get their immunization in January, it can still provide them with months of protection.

     *     There are several options for immunizations, including a nasal spray. A doctor or pharmacist can help patients to choose what is best for them.

At Allegheny Medical Integrated Health Services they see firsthand the dangers of not getting a flu shot, especially for those with respiratory illnesses, compromised immune systems and the elderly. A simple 5-minute appointment for a Flu Vaccination can prevent the week or more of illness and misery that comes with the flu. It can also prevent missing work or school and help people to greatly reduce their risk of hospitalization from illness. You can also like them on Facebook.

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