A Divorce Mediation Law Attorney In Commack NY Can Help With An Easy Ending

Divorces do not have to be filled with hostility, resentment and anger with the help from a Divorce Mediation Law Attorney in Commack NY. Mediation is great solution to help two spouses resolve issues they’ve been unable to get past to finalize the divorce. Child custody and the division of marital assets are usually the most highly contested items in a divorce situation. Mediation gives couples the opportunity to resolve their differences without the use of expensive litigation battles that are both financially and emotionally draining on the couple. Mediation is performed discreetly and in a private location, so the entire county isn’t aware from public records how many times a couple had to meet to resolve their differences.

Working with a Divorce Mediation Law Attorney in Commack NY gives an individual more control over the final decisions that will be made. There are no biased opinions or decisions by a mediator because their goal is to come to a final resolution. Both parties will take an active part in the discussion and be able to express their opinions or feelings about these difficult decisions. Mediation provides an opportunity for both parties to look towards the future and be able to co-parent effectively even if they cannot resolve their personal differences to remain married.

An attorney that handles mediation is a neutral facilitator to help couples move on with their lives while finding resolution to the divorce. It is a cooperative approach to ending a marriage on a smoother note than how a divorce may have actually started. Addressing custody of the children and both parents making the decision instead of a judge inside of a courtroom is a much better choice for the parents that know their children’s feelings better than anyone. Both sides will be able to tell the mediator their ideas, their grievances, concerns and needs. After both parties have expressed themselves, the mediator will attempt to find ways to accommodate both sides with suggestions to settle the sticking points. Divorce Lawyers LI can offer divorce services including mediation services for a smoother transition at the end of a divorce.

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