A Discrimination Lawyer In Springfield, MA Can Help An Employment Situation

In some cases, it doesn’t matter how hard an employee tries to avoid a precarious situation at work, discrimination can occur. Discrimination can happen due to sex, race, disability, age, color, religion, and national origin. Discriminatory practices are prohibited by both federal and state laws. Retaliation often occurs whenever an individual files a claim of discrimination with their employer. Whenever things at work take a turn for the worse because of discrimination, contact a Discrimination Lawyer Springfield MA. The delay in obtaining legal guidance could jeopardize employment with the current company or things at work could become even worse.

It is illegal to discriminate against employees while engaging in the following practices:

     *     Recruitment

     *     Testing

     *     Hiring or firing

     *     Compensation, classification, or assignment

     *     Transfer, layoff, recall, or promotion

     *     Fringe benefits

     *     Disability leave, pay, or retirement plans

     *     Many other conditions of employment

Sexual harassment can occur when direct requests are made for any type of sexual favor or when there is a hostile work environment due to sexual harassment. A hostile work environment is also illegal if it’s based on any of the discrimination categories. Pregnancy discrimination can also occur during or after childbirth or due to medical conditions from the pregnancy. Only a Discrimination Lawyer in Springfield MA, can review the details of the situation and determine if an employee has a case against the employer. Proving a discrimination case is a very delicate process that must be handled by an experienced employment lawyer. Although things at work may be incredibly difficult at the moment, do not quit a job. Speak to an employment attorney as quickly as possible.

For some discrimination cases, a lawsuit can be filed against the company, and punitive damages can be assessed against the discriminating company. The discrimination must be intentional. Discrimination cases fall under the EEOC, or Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. An employee can file a claim of discrimination with this branch of the government through a local field office. Always contact a law firm like Connor Morneau & Olin to discuss an employment case. Their years of experience in employment law are invaluable to an employee who has fallen victim to discrimination, harassment or retaliation.

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