A Correctly Done A/C Installation In Greeley, CO Won’t Cause You Problems Later

When an air conditioning installation isn’t done correctly, it will cause cooling problems later on. Two of the most common problems with a faulty A/C Installation Greeley CO concern the wrong size air conditioner for the building and poorly installed ducting. Either will degrade the efficiency of the air conditioner and take dollars out of your pocket.

The Air Conditioner Must be the Right Size for the Home

When someone is shopping for a new air conditioner, one of their most important concerns is getting a system that will be big enough. Since larger costs more and will make the customer happy (for the moment, anyway), some contractors are willing to sell them the too-large unit. Before recommending a system, an a/c technician needs to do a load calculation, generally done according to the “Manual J” protocol, endorsed by the Air Conditioning Contractors of America. This takes time, but it should be done even if a new air conditioner is replacing an old one.

An air conditioner is supposed to cool and dehumidify the home. When the air conditioner is too large, it turns on and off frequently, bringing the temperature down rapidly, but not removing the moisture from the air. People will not feel as comfortable as they should.

Also, the air conditioner will not have as long a useful life as it should because it is always turning on and off. This will cause excessive wear and add dollars onto the monthly electric bill.

Air Conditioner Ducting Problems

Leaks in the air conditioner ducting can cause more than one problem. If the air conditioner won’t cool the home below 78 degrees, for example, one of the possible causes could be leaking ductwork in the attic. Ducting problems can also cause one room to be warmer than others, if the ductwork is the wrong size or if cool air is leaking out into the attic.

One of the most serious ductwork problems is mold, especially if anyone living in the home has asthma or other respiratory problems. If the ductwork ever got wet, mold will grow. This is one important reason why ducting needs to be inspected periodically.

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