A Copy Machine Lease in Billings, MT Can Benefit Your Company

Do you want to improve your bottom line and be able to use a copier at any time? Whether you are a small business or a larger enterprise, you need to consider a copy machine lease in Billings, MT. A lease allows you more flexibility as you can upgrade the machine when you wish and you can obtain any maintenance or repairs you need on it when necessary.

For many companies, the purchase of an essential office machine, such as a printer or photocopier, can be a daunting expense, primarily due to the upfront cost and possible obsolescence. Typically, in this day and age, with technology so rapidly advancing, it is better to go with a copy machine lease for your business needs.

Pay as You Go

Why pay one lump sum when you can lease the machine in small and fixed manageable payments? You can therefore pay as you go. Payments that are made through a lease arrangement are also unaffected by interest rates. You can then budget any payments for a copy machine in advance.

Reduce Your Tax Bill

A copy machine lease also reduces a business’s overall tax bill and the cost is deductible as an expense, thereby reducing the net cost of leasing the copier. This factor alone will help you determine whether renting or buying is better. If you buy the copier, you can claim 40% of the copier purchase price against the tax paid in the first year and claim 25% on the outstanding balance. If you lease the machine, you do not have to pay the copier cost right away and may be able to reclaim everything that is paid out on a “by payment” basis, yearly, quarterly or monthly.

Most accountants and business people know that a copier or printer is not a business asset that will appreciate. Any IT equipment depreciates faster than other purchased assets. Therefore, purchases should be made for assets that depreciate less. Leasing provides more freedom to stay up-to-date without being restricted by any budget constraints. Leasing the equipment not only enhances cash flow but also creates a hedge against inflation and depreciation.

Because a printer or photocopier is not a business asset that readily appreciates, it depreciates more quickly than other purchased assets. Therefore, it is wiser to save for purchases that either appreciate or depreciate at a much slower rate. When you lease a copier, you can always upgrade the machine to suit your business needs.

The latest copiers are multifunctional. Therefore, they can combine a variety of functions – such as a fax machine, scanner and even a color printer. Machines today can also email files and act as a PDF writer. Leasing gives you the flexibility to stay up to date in that respect. Visit here for more information.

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