A Closer Look At Three Common Industrial Valves

There are many different types of valves used in industrial applications. These include both manual valves as well as those that are automatically controlled through integrated process management software systems.

With all the choices in industrial valves, there are three that are most often used. These valves can be found in industrial processing systems, waterworks facilities and even in the oil and gas industry.

Choosing the right valve is essential for the safe operation of the system. The valve quality, the operational considerations for the valve and even the specific type of media in the system all have to be carefully considered. Pressure, temperature, and ranges of both factors are also essential components in selecting the ideal industrial valves for the job.

Gate Valves

For control of the flow of the media either as fully on or completely off, the gate valve offers a simple, durable and reliable method of control. The valve can be controlled through automated controls or through manual operation and are typically installed on straight runs of pipe to isolate pipe systems.

Check Valves

There are several different options in check valves that are used to prevent the media from backing up through the system. These valves operate on the pressure that automatically closes the valve with any backflow or back pressure on the outlet side of the valve.

These industrial valves are highly effective in situations where the media must remain flowing only in one direction. They operate independently of any need for automated or manual control.

Globe Valves

To regulate and control the flow of the media through the pipe, globe valves are often the best answer. There are different options for control from a moving plug or a disk that can be adjusted to allow more or less flow through the system.

There are other general and specialized valves to consider as well. Talk to an industrial supplier and distributor about options and solutions for valves in any system.

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