A certified pre-owned car is the third choice

Prior to the early 1990s a consumer had two choices when it came to buying a car; the choices were either new or used. With the rapidly increasing number of cars being returned off lease it became apparent that a third option was available. These cars were in very good condition, usually with less than 40 thousand miles. At the time, these vehicles were put on the lot alongside all other used cars.

It did not take long for certified pre-owned programs to appear. Dealers knew that they were missing a golden opportunity to dispose of perfectly good cars at a price lower than a new car but higher than a typical used car.

A certified pre owned KIA in NJ represents a very attractive alternative; for less money than a new car a buyer can move into a car that feels and looks almost new.

It is easier to shop for a certified pre owned car:

When you buy a used car you get what you pay for, rarely is there a warranty and if there is it might be for a wee if you’re lucky. When you opt for a CPO car you are getting a vehicle that has been gone over with a fine tooth comb by a factory trained mechanic. This inspection is in-depth; it ensures that the vehicle is in line with the program that has been established by the manufacturer. Before the car is deemed to be a certified pre owned KIA in NJ anything found to be worn is replaced.

A way to save money and get a great car:

A certified pre owned KIA in NJ is an ideal purchase for those that want to drive a “near new” car with a solid warranty but less expensive than a new car but also potentially less problematic than a used car.

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