A Brief History of Fire Pits

Since the beginning of mankind fire pits have been an important part of life. Essential to survival, the fire pit was a remarkable leap forward and key to developing humans worldwide. Through archeological evidence we know fire pits were first used 200,000 to 400,000 years ago. Evidence shows the use of stones for fire containment. The fire pits were used to keep warm and cook food. We have obviously come a long way since the first use of fire pits; anything you can dream up is at your disposal. Whether you want a large stationary in-ground fire pit or a large portable fire pit, you can have what suits your needs.

As man started to work with metals, fire pits slowly came above ground. New ways to form metal gave way to different fire pit options. An example of this is the chiminea, which was originally made with clay several thousand years ago by Mexican tribesman. They eventually discovered they could heat and form metal into the same shapes as clay and since metal was more durable the smarter option was to stop using clay.

Another fire pit that has evolved is the Dakota fire pit. Used in military settings and by African tribes, this pit provided security since it was nearly flameless and smokeless. A hole, approximately a foot deep and up to two feet wide, was dug in the ground. Next, a horizontal hole about a foot away was dug, angled down joining the two. In the larger of the two holes the wood was burnt. With oxygen fed to the bottom of the fire by the smaller of the two holes smoke was reduced. This also kept flames low, protecting anybody who uses it from detection.

Nowadays, there are many fire pit sizes, makes, models, and accessories. Portable copper, steel or stainless steel fire pits allow you to move them as needed. An engineered precast fire pit can add style and comfort to your backyard. A large portable fire pit can be set on your patio for warmth on a cool night or roasting marshmallows with your family.

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