7 Reasons To Love Your Implants

Dental implants serve as replacement tooth roots. So if you’ve got damaged teeth, you can use implants as a foundation for fixed or removable teeth in a way that feels and looks the same as your natural teeth, says WebMD. Aside from that, implants also offer plenty of advantages. Read on to find out:

They look better.
Unlike wired braces, implants look just like your natural teeth. They don’t stand. That’s a major plus, especially for those who might feel self-conscious about differently-colored teeth.

They’re permanent.
Since implants are designed to fuse together with your bone, they’re as sturdily in place as your natural teeth. That means you won’t have to worry about your implants popping out of your mouth in the least inopportune moment.

They’re comfortable.
Unlike wire braces that are a bit painful to wear, especially because they tend to hit your gums, implants feel natural so there’s no discomfort at all.

Eating is easier to manage.
Chewing with sliding dentures can be a challenge. Also, you might worry if biting down on something particularly tough might break down your dentures. No such worries with implants. You can eat with confidence as much as you like.

You’re more confident.
Gone are the days when you used to suffer from slurred words and speech difficulties because of your braces. You also don’t need to worry about your dentures popping out when you speak animatedly. With implants, you can speak normally and be more confident in the way you communicate with other people.

They’re convenient.
No need to remove dentures every night or brush them before you sleep. Some users even forget where they put their dentures. Some leave them behind. Implants do away with all that inconvenience so you won’t have to keep reminding yourself where you’d put them or last seen them. With implants, you won’t have to worry anymore if you packed along your teeth or left it behind.

They’re durable.
Unlike porcelain teeth that have to be replaced regularly, implants – with enough care – can last you a lifetime. That’s the kind of investment you can enjoy with dental implants.

Getting Implants
However, before you rush off to have a dental implant fitted, consult your dentist first if it’s the right treatment for you. In some cases, dental implants aren’t as effective as treating more complex dental problems. So don’t rush. To consult an implant dentist, contact a professional at a practice like Cascades Center for Dental Health today.

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