6 Surprising Things Covered by Auto Insurance in Austin TX

There are numerous benefits built into auto insurance policies that many people are unaware of, and it pays to read policy documents carefully. After all, there may be a few surprises. Below are several unexpected things covered by Auto Insurance in Austin TX.

Space Debris

Somewhat surprisingly, damages from orbiting satellites, meteors, and asteroids may be covered by an auto insurance policy. Falling objects, including those coming from space, are included in comprehensive coverage, so repairs would be covered, minus the deductible. Comprehensive insurance also covers animal collisions, floods, theft, and other non-accident damage.

Civil Unrest

Events such as protests and riots are becoming quite common, and for those who park on the street, there’s a risk of damage or loss. Whether a protest becomes violent or there’s a riot after a sporting event, an auto insurance policy may cover the damage.

Lost Income

If a person has to miss work because of accident-related injuries, their auto insurance may be able to get some of their lost income returned. This coverage is part of a PIP (personal injury protection) policy, which covers injuries to drivers and passengers irrespective of fault. While PIP isn’t mandatory in Texas, it must be offered, and drivers must sign a waiver indicating that they don’t want the coverage. However, it is a significant benefit in the event of an accident.


Most drivers assume that because a homeowner’s policy does not cover floods, then Auto Insurance in Austin TX won’t either. Comprehensive insurance, however, does cover flood damage, as long as the deductible is paid.

Injuries to Pets

Pets often ride in automobiles, and in most cases, they don’t wear seat belts. Some insurers offer pet injury coverage for this reason. Such a policy may pay for a pet’s treatment if they’re hurt while riding in a vehicle. Be sure to ask the provider about this type of coverage.

Rodent Damage

Chipmunks, squirrels, rats, and mice are known to chew on electrical wiring, causing damage and leading to expensive repairs. Those with comprehensive coverage may be able to get these repairs covered. Check the policy’s fine print, as some insurers require vehicles to be stored in enclosed areas.

These are just some of the surprising things a Texas insurance policy will cover. For more information or to request a quote, call Patrick Court today.

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