6 Restaurant Website Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs

Finding the perfect restaurant web design isn’t easy. It’s got to have soul. It’s got to scream personality. Otherwise your online customers are just going to walk away. But aside from designing your site in a way that attracts and keeps the interest and attention of your market, you can also benefit a lot from knowing what other restaurants are doing wrong. So here are mistakes you should do your best to avoid, says Esquire.

1. Your page isn’t mobile friendly.
Given how many people go online these days via their smartphones or tablets, it’s safe to say that your customers are spending a good many hours in a day stuck to their mobile devices. And if they can’t access your site or if your site is wonky whenever they do, then they have every good reason to disappear and never look back.

2. Your site has too many things going on.
You’ve got banners, a carousel, a ton of images and even video. But what do they all do? If your site’s too cluttered, it could confuse your customers and drive them away before they even get a chance to look at your menu.

3. You don’t show the important stuff.
Don’t give your customers a hard time finding what really matters—your menu, delivery information, and address. Make sure these details are visible and easy to see. Otherwise, your customers will just take their business elsewhere.

4. Your menu is tough to spot.
In many cases, the menu is buried under a ton of content. Now, content isn’t all that bad. Customers love information. But for restaurant sites, the norm is to have as little word content as possible. It’s not about flooding the site with Instagram-worthy images of your food either. It’s simply about helping your customers order their food online or book some reservations.

5. Your online ordering system is a long, winding road.
Don’t waste your customer’s time. If you’ve got too many steps, consider streamlining the process to make it much more efficient.

6. You never update.
Sites can help boost your profit. But if you don’t regularly post updates to your pages, then traffic will go down. Low traffic means low ranking on the SERPs, which means less chances of people finding your site. Low traffic and page rankings can be the ultimate kiss of doom for your pages. So update, religiously.

So make sure to check your website for any of these. For restaurant web design assistance, you can always contact a professional like Restaurant eSolutions.

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